Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kwinkydinks 2

So, our wonderful friend Lisa is here and we are having a grand old time.  But, in the wake of my "Kwinkydinks" post about the amazing coincidences that regularly come our way, with Lisa another has arrived.  Noticing the tattoos on my arms, she said, "I love tattoos and have eleven.  Do you have any others?"  "Yes," I said, rolling up my pant legs to show her the hummingbird on my left leg, and the maple leaf on my right.  Lisa looked at me, shocked, and said, "Look at this!"  She took off her left sock to reveal a pretty hummingbird tattoo, and lifted her right jeans leg to reveal a scattering of leaves around her ankle.  We both have hummingbirds on our left legs and leaves on our right legs...

Really, what are the odds?

And yesterday in Victoria, in Lisa's company, everywhere we went in the city we kept running into representations - paintings, plush toys, t-shirts  etc. - of one of Lisa's favourite creatures, the narwhal.  Unless at this time narwhals are a 'thing,' some kind of trendy creature in popular culture for some inexplicable reason, there were just too many encounters with them yesterday for it to be extraordinary coincidence.


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