Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Over and Out

Not that this quiet announcement will change the course of human history or disrupt the space-time continuum, but this is my final post on Morrison's Nifty Drivelarium & Gubbins Repository. 
There are several reasons for this, one being that 2018 has begun with three goodbyes to friends who have relocated far and wide, so as I've been considering shutting up shop here for a while now, it seems like an apt time to do so.
When I used to blog on MySpace (creak, groan...those were the days), I stopped because it had started to feel like an obligation.  Upon starting this one, I promised myself that if the same feeling overtook me here, I would do likewise and quit.  That is exactly how it's become.  Because my life is increasingly (though 'quietly') busy - more so than ever in the first weeks of this young new year - I must concentrate on things that really matter at the expense of follies such as this, rather than agonize about what nonsense I might wish to blather about in this forum.  As I said in opening, disappearing from here is hardly earth shattering: the Drivelarium lurks in a dusty, cobwebbed corner of cyberspace that nobody* gives a damn about, and why should they?  I certainly will not lose any sleep over not doing this anymore!
However, at the heart of my main reason to jack in the Drivelarium is that - even though, with good reason, I don't engage in social media - I am bored shitless with the all-pervading social media culture we live in, in which it is generally expected that we share every last detail of our lives.  I would rather live out my days considerably more privately, choosing to share anything I wish to only with those I want to know about it.  At the tail-end of 2017 I sent out our traditional year-end round up email, 'sharing' the significant events of the previous twelve months, and - whether inadvertently or deliberately - one response revealed something I can only term a betrayal.  That was kind of the final nail, really.
Over and out.  Have good, happy, productive lives, everyone.
*Except George.  Thanks for sticking with me, loyal reader.