Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Anyone Know of a Good Doctor?

Our GP is a prick.

Around six years ago, I was experiencing some heart flutters and bumps that naturally got me extremely concerned. I'd never felt such sensations before and, because it was a heart issue, whenever they occurred I went into a panic, naturally exacerbating the problem yet further. I visited the doc, who suspected the extremely common cardiac arrhythmia was to blame (which, ultimately, was correct, and it's now fine), so he arranged some tests.

While I was waiting for dates for these tests the sensations grew in severity, likely amplified by my terror, but on a couple of occasions scaring the living daylights out of me. I was having trouble trying to keep calm about it, so went back to the doc to request a small prescription for something like Ativan to sedate me a little until the test dates came through. As he reluctantly filled out a scrip, he said to me, "Well, David, maybe you should take this as a warning, and perhaps begin to get your affairs in order."

Can you effing believe that?! To this day, I cannot believe he said that to me, and everyone I've ever told about it - including other medical professionals - has been aghast at his utter lack of compassion, support and empathy, not to say anything of his obviously appalling bedside manner.

Over the last few weeks I've been experiencing some aches and pains around my right flank, being the site of my last cancer surgery at the tail-end of 2010. These have persisted, so with my health history I'm always going to check these things out. So I trundled back to the doc - who both Susan and I feel is always all but ushering us out of his office before we've even got in the door - to get it all checked out. He arranged blood work and an ultrasound, neither of which revealed anything of significance, but the lovely radiologist at the imaging clinic strongly recommended I press for a CT scan to cover all bases.

Back to the doc with her recommendation I went, and during that appointment - because he seemed trying to avoid setting up a CT scan for me - I was beginning to get the feeling he just didn't believe me, that he thought my pains are a product of my imagination. If there is one thing I most certainly am NOT, it's a hypochondriac!

So, I demanded a CT scan based on my health history alone, and he eventually agreed. The results came through to reveal nothing to concern my GP or anyone else involved in my health care, yet these aches and pains remain. Bewildered, I asked the doc what happens next. He looked at me with this disbelieving expression and said, "I guess your definition of pain and mine are very, very different," and told me there was nothing left to investigate. 

Yeah, my GP is a prick, alright.