Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peace, Love and All That Good Stuff

Tomorrow, April 2, 2014, marks a year since we moved into our 'new' house; that's it above, taken during February's 'snowpocalypse.' The last twelve months have positively flown by, and it's been an extremely pleasurable time gradually making improvements and beautifying the house according to our needs and tastes. We have grand plans for our home, so upgrades will continue for some years yet, and we're thoroughly enjoying the process.

It's a lovely building to live in, and as a former recording studio there's a tangible magic in the air here, with local music history oozing from every brick. In many ways, because of this, it's a real honour to be the new owners.

It's wonderful that we have friends who have recorded here down the years, and as time goes by we find out about more musicians that have created something in our basement - now our living room, music library and (currently) store room - where the studio was once housed. Just last week I met a woman in my workplace who brought us copies of her new CD to sell. In the credits she wishes a peaceful rest to the former studio owner, who was locally loved and known for his catchphrase, "Peace, love, and all that good stuff." Also in the credits it states that some of the CD was recorded in our house. As it happens, by sheer chance, having looked at my professional website this lady now wants me to create some publicity materials for her new release. So, we meet tomorrow, on that First Anniversary, to discuss that. She'll come over to the house, creating a beautiful synchronicity to proceedings. Everything is dovetailing.

Yeah, without doubt, this house was always meant to become ours one day. Its history is opening doors to opportunities and fortuitous meetings, and we cannot help wonder where it will all lead!