Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Loony June

June is traditionally a busy month for us, but 2016's June has been truly crazy, incident-packed, emotional, stressful, but also joyous.  I was not even sure what to write about here, as I could have chosen any one of a number of diverse topics...
I could have written about our first family crisis in quite some time, with the sudden hospitalization of Susan's lovely elderly aunt, but I have decided to keep that to ourselves, as it should be.
Perhaps I could have penned something about my gradually increasing volunteer role with the Canadian Cancer Society, this year organizing all of the entertainment for, and acting as Stage Manager at, 2016's Relay for Life.
Maybe I could have commented on the sickening Orlando nightclub massacre; the tiresomely predictable, mindless tribal violence at Euro 2016 or even, God help us, today's repulsive suicide bombings at Istanbul's Ataturk airport.  But, no, I cannot dwell on these depressing failings and warped ideologies of humankind, if indeed those responsible in each instance are actually human beings.  
Or I could have reported back on last weekend's incredible Campbell Bay Music Festival on Mayne Island, and our wonderful, deepening friendship with the festival headliners, Bent Knee.  In fact, yes, that's what I WILL write about!
Bent Knee, as I see it - Susan, too - on current form are the best rock band on earth.  No kidding.  Their musicianship, compositional skills, invention and emotional wallop make this six-piece the most exciting band, especially live, that I have experienced in over twenty years.  We've now seen them perform four times, each show utterly mind-blowing.  Here they are, if you would care to take a look:
Being Human: Just one of this astonishing band's showstoppers, remarkably one of their mellower moments, and the song they chose to open their second all-conquering Campbell Bay Music Festival headlining slot.  Wow...have you ever heard a voice like that? 
It is such fun and so very inspiring hanging out with Courtney, Vince, Chris, Ben, Jessica and Gavin, all of whom seem to love us as much as we love them.  Their "Canadian parents" they call us, but whether parental or otherwise in nature these are friendships that will last a lifetime.  To follow their career from this stage on is going to be a privilege, as surely they will be enormous before much longer.  Mark my words...