Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Are You Lost in the World Like Moby and Me?

I just watched this gorgeous video for the first time less than half an hour ago, and in doing so felt both smug and an odd kind of relief.  I talk on a tediously regular basis about the insane technological obsession our species is gripped by, but feel ever more isolated from the world in doing so.
Not that it bothers either of us in the least, it sometimes feels like Susan and I are the last people on earth to succumb to the highly addictive spell cast upon humans by these calculatedly slinky, sexy smartphones, and we gaze in despair at more and more people glued to their devices, unplugged from their surroundings, everywhere - as in everywhere - we go. 
In Victoria yesterday we (including our visitor Lisa, who owns a smartphone, but has barely touched it since she arrived) watched in fascination and sadness as a zombified public wandered about, cradling their phones before them, or just gawping at what was on the screen.  We all talked about it, at the time and later on, aghast at what has happened and is happening since these things were invented. 
So, a video such as the one above, for the Moby & the Void Pacific Choir song Are You Lost in the World Like Me?, seems to deliver some vindication of my thoughts and feelings on the matter, but also a degree of comfort that I am not alone.  Moby has always been a political animal, never shy of airing his feelings via his music, and it is clear from this beautifully animated (I am guessing deliberately) retro video (in reflection of more 'innocent' times) that he feels exactly like I do.
Anyway, watch the video and make up your own mind.  I think it says a lot about the modern world, not just from the perspective of technological addiction, but also the pressures and intensity of modern urban life.    

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