Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Things That Happen # 2

Yesterday, Monday June 27, our friend Nik from Brighton concluded his visit to our neck of the woods with the need to visit the ER of Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Not that I wish to devote this occasional 'The Things That Happen' series entirely to freak injuries, but in the wake of Cathy's flying gobstopper shard mishap that set it rolling, dear Nik managed to do himself a mischief in an equally bizarre manner.

The diagnosis was a severely torn tendon in the middle finger of his right hand. Oddly, he suffered no pain, but was unable to straighten it; the distal phalanx was pointing resolutely downwards at an angle of 45 degrees, and would not pop back. It was a bad enough case that he had to have a splint thingy applied that must stay in place for a full two months, or else he would need to start the healing process all over again. As a musician and guitarist with UK gigs booked for August, this didn't come as the best news.

However, worse still, one would imagine, is the embarrassment our poor chum will have to endure when answering enquiries from concerned souls wondering how he knackered himself. Try to imagine how you would feel when having to say:

"Scratching my leg." 

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