Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Optimus Not-Very-Good

If there is anyone more curmudgeonly than me, it's Stuart Ashen. I just love the guy. Some of you may have seen his video reviews of crappy Christmas items that Susan and I sent out to our address books this last festive season. But if not, one of the things Ashen does, quite brilliantly, is offer his opinion on stuff that, for any given reason, he finds tacky, poorly made, or just plain ridiculous. However, as funny as his take may be, he is usually absolutely spot on in his assessment. Ashen's latest video is a truly classic example of this that had me rolling about in hysterics earlier today. I will say no more about it, instead imploring you to carve out eleven minutes from your day to watch this extremely amusing piece of film. Be warned that there is a tiny bit of profanity on two occasions, so you should probably consider this as NSFW and keep it from the ears of little ones and sensitive souls. Enjoy!  

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