Thursday, March 10, 2011

And in direct contrast to Attila...

Ha! No sooner do I post about a book about a "gentleman" bank robber dishing out blooms to tellers and leaving baked goods in the vault than I read this is today's news:

"COPENHAGEN - A Swedish bank robber forgot to cover his tracks and left three bottles of urine behind after hiding inside a bank vault in Copenhagen for three days.
The 27-year-old man and his accomplice used the bottles to relieve themselves after sneaking into the vault on a Friday in May and remaining there until the bank opened again the following Monday.

While inside, the robbers emptied 140 safety deposit boxes of at least $500,000 in cash and jewelry. But Prosecutor Frederik Larsen said Wednesday they forgot to take the urine when they left, "so we were able to get their DNA samples from the bottles."

The evidence helped prosecutors win a 21-month prison sentence for the Swede on Tuesday. His accomplice is still at large and the loot hasn't been recovered."

How ironic it is, don't you think, that in robbing the bank they were taking the piss*, yet they actually forgot to take the piss. Brilliant!

* An English and Antipodean expression meaning not only to mock or ridicule, but also to take unfair advantage of or take liberties with.

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