Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Cutest Thing, Like, Ever

I absolutely adore hummingbirds. I see them most every day of my life, and will never, ever get bored of watching them. For so many reasons, what extraordinary creatures they are! I love the wee critters so much that when deciding upon what I should get as my next tattoo - wanting something representative of my life on, and love for, the island I call home - I chose to get a copy of a beautiful First Nations carving of a hummingbird we picked up on Thetis Island a few years ago. (I get my new ink in May.)

So, all this said, imagine my squeals of delight and how hard I had to bite my bottom lip when recently stumbling across the incredible video below. I have seen thousands of cute animal videos, but in all my days I have never seen anything even remotely approaching the impossible cuteness of this clip. I'm not sure I will ever see anything so damned cute again! Even the photographs I saw just yesterday of twenty newly hatched chameleon babies - perfectly mini versions of their adult selves - can hold a candle to this awesome piece of film. As if I could not love hummingbirds anymore, just look at this...

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