Sunday, August 17, 2014

Without Whom

Thirteen years ago today I met my Susan. Although yesterday she inexplicably said the same of herself, somehow she has tolerated my quirks and irritating traits for all this time, and we remain as much in love now as when we crashed into each other's lives in 2001. So, what better topic for this 100th post than the celebration of that fact?

I have absolutely no idea what I would do without Susan; I would likely not be able to keep body and soul together, and it is genuinely unthinkable what might have become of me had we not met. Although cancer played a part in the overall picture, for various other reasons I was spiralling out of control back when we hooked up, and without even realizing it she gave me everything to live for. In this respect alone it is, and will always remain, impossible to measure Susan's great importance to my journey through this life.

And since we got together it has not been easy. All manner of tests and obstacles have been placed in our path, but we have battled through them all and today mark another anniversary in generally pretty good shape. We have so much to be thankful for, yet it is never lost on us; we just continue to live as active and satisfying a life as we can within our means, squeezing every drop of fun out of each day. It's a good life, for sure.

How will we mark this particular anniversary? First up is a trip to a bookstore we've been hearing good things about, then we'll have lunch out somewhere. Perhaps we might head off to explore somewhere new or return to a place we already enjoy. This afternoon, it looks like yard work, as there's much to do out there. However the day pans out, whatever we end up doing, it'll be wonderful simply because we'll have done it together. You know it.

(Image: Chesterman Beach, Tofino - September 2012)      

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