Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Wisdom of Natalie Bohrn

Susan and I are huge fans of the Canadian folk-rock band, Fish & Bird. When poking about online today I stumbled across a Brandon University profile of their brilliant (upright) bass player, Natalie Bohrn. When asked to comment on her philosophy on life, she had the following to say; I think it's beautiful.
 "The pursuit of greatness is, as far as I can tell, an ego-driven endeavour that can only satisfy so long as you can fool yourself into thinking that you’re going somewhere. You’re not — you’re just living out your laughably short moment of existence, along with 7 billion other talking water balloons on legs, all hurtling through the universe on a tiny rock in a tiny bubble (which we are lucky to have!) Pursue happiness instead. Take what talents you have and satisfy your innate truths and desires; more importantly, help the people around you live as happily as possible. Realize that the sum total of humanity will amount to nothing, really — a bunch of immortal plastic bags floating around in the Pacific ocean at most — and the best possible outcome of your beautiful little life will be the fact that you comforted, connected, loved, and lived happily in this blip of a moment we call a lifetime."

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