Tuesday, June 10, 2014

For Drummers Everywhere

I don't tend to watch too many music promo videos these days. Life is busy enough as it is without my parking myself in front of YouTube for endless hours to do so. And although I appreciate that the visuals can often enhance the music, I feel they can also detract from its quality. And, after all, I'm going to listen to CDs as I move about my home doing chores or whatever, not watching YouTube as I go. Every now and again, however, I will stumble across a video that is an utter delight, as is the case with the promo clip for "Milwaukee" by The Both.
I've always held a place in my heart for Aimee Mann as a songwriter and as a very attractive woman (who is looking amazing for 53), so was interested to see her team up with veteran indie rocker Ted Leo as The Both. From the evidence of "Milwaukee" alone, it seems like a winning power pop formula, but the video for the song has everything! It tells a great little tale; it's as funny as hell, and also really touching, so I shed tears of laughter and sadness as its story unfolded. Just beautiful... but it does little to improve the widely held belief that all drummers are unreliable maniacs! 

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