Monday, March 25, 2013

I Heart Vancouver

Although, with their 13% fare rises between now and 2015 BC Ferries seem to be doing their utmost to make it less so, it's great having such easy access to two of the world's most exciting cities: Vancouver and Seattle. We have a buddy over the border but in the case of the former we have many friends, so visit as often as possible to hang out with them, a gig usually providing the perfect excuse to hop over the Georgia Strait.

Susan lived in Vancouver for 23 years, so prior to and soon after our relocation from the UK in later 2006 there was discussion concerning the possibility of setting up camp there. But it didn't work out that way and now we've settled happily into the leisurely plod of island life we find Vancouver's hectic pace rather challenging! Nonetheless, when we can carve out the time (which, sadly, may be increasingly infrequent now we've bought a house), we love to visit Vancouver for two or three days and whoop it up a little.

While idly arseing about online yesterday I dropped by the Vancouver is Awesome blog site and stumbled across the video above. In just four-plus minutes of dazzling timelapse footage, with an apt, pumping electronic soundtrack, Joel Schat goes quite some way to capturing the excitement and genuine beauty of Vancouver. Susan and I watched it together, at once marvelling at the skill of the filmmaker and the thrilling images of her longtime home. In some ways it made us long for the choices and opportunities unavailable to us in a small community, but on the other hand it makes us grateful not to have to deal with the daily stress, noise and sheer volume of people and traffic in a big city. You can't have your cake and eat it, I suppose.

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